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kill a monkey
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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
7:21 pm
the moose gun recieves its power from the battery operated cheese.

Current Mood: artistic

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
9:36 pm
el nosba: you should make the company you bought the ticket from give you 50 pounds of gaucamole, bath in it, then run up and down there offices wearing a huge blanket and a hat made outta styrofoam and tin foil, and if anyone asks you tell them your the cheese fairy, and mush and orange in there faces
el nosba: thats wat you SHOULD do
el nosba: lol
Dissolved Starr: oh i already did..
Dissolved Starr: :-\ they still wont fix it
el nosba: thats it, im gonna have to adorn my elvis costume one last time, cover myself with baby oil and rub my bottom on everyone in there office singing im a pretty princess over and over
el nosba: that'll fix'em

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
5:17 pm
Dissolved Starr: mmmm chicken smells awesome already
el nosba: NO I DONT
Dissolved Starr: uh..
el nosba: :runs away crying:

okaay then...

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
10:11 pm
darkened fenix: spent 9 years peeing.....and i know thats waht you wanted to hear too
darkened fenix: huh
Dissolved Starr: oh MAN i did. it made my day to know that you JUST went pee for 9 YEARS

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Monday, February 17th, 2003
4:01 pm
Dissolved Starr: you keep IMing me with such random times
Dissolved Starr: lol
ooXRAGEoo: lol
Dissolved Starr: at such random times*
Dissolved Starr: lol
ooXRAGEoo: 8:46 !!!
ooXRAGEoo: 6:23!!!!
ooXRAGEoo: 9:49 !!!
Dissolved Starr: lol
ooXRAGEoo: lolol
Dissolved Starr: shutup!

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Friday, February 14th, 2003
5:08 pm
LOL babson is a giiiirl
Dissolved Starr: or is it habla?
ooXRAGEoo: hablo
ooXRAGEoo: im a guy
ooXRAGEoo: i think
ooXRAGEoo: lol
ooXRAGEoo: not the guy part

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Friday, January 24th, 2003
4:49 am
random aernk convos (part 2?)
Santa334616: and the mother will go on DOnahue to complain about it
Dissolved Starr: PFF fuck donahue.. we're on springer
Santa334616: thus giving his already damaged reputation an additional beating
Santa334616: oh man
Santa334616: even lower
Dissolved Starr: "My demon father booted my mom and she died giving birth to me"
Santa334616: were with the southerners now!
Santa334616: *Mother grabs chair*
Santa334616: *Demon grabs Steve the body gaurd*
Dissolved Starr: DEAD mother comes back to life and beats the fuck out of demon dad
Santa334616: *slams steve off of Llanya's head*
Dissolved Starr: LOL
Santa334616: what a bloody mess this is
Santa334616: no time for a Final Thought
Santa334616: more like a final death

Santa334616: Jerry: Tonight we talk to a woman who's name is Llanya, and tells us she has had an orgy with over 58 dwarves. Her husband has yet to hear this news.
Santa334616: I need to sleep like a piss horse
Santa334616: I am so exhausted

Dissolved Starr: im gonna call springer on your ass
Dissolved Starr: lol
Dissolved Starr: bust a chair in your eye
Santa334616: I'm gonna slam Steve into your head
Dissolved Starr: hahahaha i better watch out for steve

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4:44 am
random aernk conversation
Santa334616: oh man, now I know what a rabid toaster feels like
Santa334616: my gawd
Dissolved Starr: HAHAHAHAHA

Santa334616: I am so tired
Santa334616: I could make disease ridden food
Santa334616: have you ever felt like dinosaur shyt?
Santa334616: dinosaurs are all Scottish
Santa334616: its a secret though
Santa334616: everyone wants to keep it secret
Santa334616: SHHHH
Santa334616: its a big conspiracy
Santa334616: lead by the I.R.S
Santa334616: .
Santa334616: CIA
Santa334616: and GLAAD
Santa334616: its fucking scary
Dissolved Starr: you know what i think?
Santa334616: what is that?
Dissolved Starr: that the trash people and the fbi are linked
Santa334616: holy shit
Santa334616: I think you are on to something
Dissolved Starr: i mean.. jesus.. the damn trash trucks are labeled BFI
Santa334616: I mean
Santa334616: they can rummage through all that trash
Santa334616: and find out so much about you
Santa334616: this is why we need volcanos
Dissolved Starr: its such a simple thing that most peopel wouldnt pick up on it... but think about it..
Santa334616: I am
Dissolved Starr: if the FBI knew what you had in your trash... they;d know a lot about you..
Santa334616: oh hell yeah
Santa334616: no doubt
Dissolved Starr: hhahahaha
Santa334616: that is what some people do with celebrities
Santa334616: why be bias
Dissolved Starr: oh man. its CRAZINESS>
Santa334616: to throw awya all out trash in
Dissolved Starr: so be careful and mindful of what you throw away
Santa334616: and nobody will see it again
Santa334616: I will
Santa334616: god
Santa334616: all those twinkie wrappers ;{
Santa334616: Hostess is gonna fine me soon
Santa334616: like they did to the Indians and Dinosaurs

Santa334616: I feel like a sock

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